Chart Auditing

In choosing an auditing firm, most practices prefer a consultant who is knowledgeable in their industry and understands the complexity of governmental compliance. Rose & Associates provides both. Our vast Medicare knowledge and experience in auditing ophthalmic practices has enabled us to become efficient in Medicare reimbursement and compliance.
One of the biggest assets Rose & Associates has is our personnel. Our consultants are ophthalmology trained and very familiar with the documentation, coding and billing of ophthalmic services due to specialization of the firm in these areas. Because of this experience, and the number of clients we serve, all of our staff has the industry-specific knowledge to bring to an audit.

We maintain a full library and several databases of industry guidelines which we utilize for audit work, some of which are shared with our clients. Currently, we provide the following audit services:

  • Medical Record Audit
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center Audit
  • Evaluation & Management (E&M) Services Audit

Typical on-site engagements include 1-2 days for small practices, and 3-7 days for larger practices. A full written report, by patient, is forwarded to the practice usually within 45 days of the audit.

Off-site audits are conducted in our offices in Duncanville, Texas, based on information forwarded to us for review. A full written report is forwarded to the practice usually within 45 days of the audit. Service is our primary goal. As a result, we believe our clients receive a value-added audit at reasonable rates.

Please feel free to contact us or call (800) 720-9667 for additional information.